Director of Sales and Marketing

Location: Berlin (remote work possibilities)
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10 am-6pm
Send your CV and cover letter to studio@houseofmalakai.com

Job Description:

House Of Malakai is looking for a person with business, sales and marketing experience coupled with passion for fashion and art. This person will be tasked with leading the company through the commercial landscape while maintaining a creative strategy and communications. It is their responsibility to help maintain and organize a consistent trajectory of growth through sells and marketing.

Daily tasks will range from sells / strategy / analytics to graphics / newsletters / adverts. This person will also be in charge of proposals to potential clients / collaborations, social media performance and dealing with in-house press.

This position demands attention to HOMS present activities in the market and artists place, while making decisions based on trends and future projections. The goal is to promote and expand the company's commercial activity that will generate revenues, exposure and lead to sustainable growth.

This is a start up division, the ideal candidate will need to be comfortable and flexible creating new structures.

- Developing and implementing commercial strategies as well as a detailed business plans according to company goals, market research and objectives aiming to accelerate growth (expansion, business development etc.)
- Identifying new commercial opportunities, trends and managing marketing efforts
- Buyer Communication and update/direct E commerce.
- Create newsletters, proposals, social media adverts and generate e-commerce subscriptions
- Reach out and target wholesale, retail, custom clients and collaborations
- Understanding the requirements of existing customers to ensure their needs are being met
- Pricing of products based on cost and current market
- Seek out press opportunities and handling of samples. This will include shipping and returns
- Communications with stylists, magazines, celebrities and our production house


- Strong communication skills via email, presentation and spreadsheets.
- Attention to detail and the ability to effectively multi-task and meet deadlines.
- Basic understanding of SEO, Photoshop and InDesign
- Excellent organisational and leadership skills.
- Contemporary knowledge of fashion, magazines and artists.
- Experience in sales and/or marketing and managing relationships with key clients
- Understanding of market research methods and analysis
- Commercial awareness partnered with a strategic mindset